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You will need Windows Media Player, Winamp or some other program that can play an mp3 file. Simply click on the files below to play the sound clip of the following Carlin standup comedy routines. You may also download the file a "right click" of the mouse and choosing "save as".

These are satirical and highly critical of some of societies sacred cows and are not for tender ears or the faint of heart. Carlin does not pull any punches but the material, in spite of the language,  is extremely clever, insightful. and accurate. He has come a long way from the Hippy Dippy Weather Man of the 1960's. Carlin is cynical, pessimistic and grumpy but I love him; he takes off his rose tinted spectacles tells it like it is    Enjoy!

1. American Bullshit

2. The American Businessman

3. Religious Bullshit

4. God's Existence

5. The Bible

6. Praying

7. Sun Worship

8. Angels

9. Motivation Seminars

10. Family Newsletters

11. Parents of Honor Students

12. Dumb Americans

13. Guys Named Todd

14. People Who Outta Be KIlled

15. My Daddy


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