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                                         My Favorite Comedians   


George Carlin, (to listen to some hilarious satirical comedy routines by Carlin Click Here    )

Bill Hicks (Hicks, a brilliant social/cultural critic who cared deeply about the state of the world, died of pancreatic cancer in 1994 at the age of 32.

 Two web sites devoted to Hicks I recommend are: http://sazmatazz.users.btopenworld.com/ and  http://www.billhicks.com/

 Woody Allen

Bill Maher

Groucho Marx

Robin Williams.

My Woody Allen Pages:  Allen Quotes - My philosophy My Speech to the Graduates (These are hilarious - check them out!)

Often times humor is a vastly more effective way of making a point than a thousand air tight arguments. I highly recommend Robin Williams "Live on Broadway 2002" , George Carlin's "You Are Diseased" and Bill Maher's "When You Ride Alone You Ride With Bin Laden", all on DVD and VHS.


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