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"MORONOCRACY"  (aka: "Idiocracy", "Ineptocracy", "Cretinocracy")

 (moronocracy) - (definition): an ostensible democratic government whereby the most immoral and least capable are financed, bribed and elected by an equally incompetent and immoral class of arrogant self-indulgent MBA trained big business buffoons who are least capable of acting for the common societal good.  To add insult to injury, the aforementioned blame the very people whose interests they deceitfully claim to be defending - the members of society's working classes and, more importantly, the least well-off and underprivileged under-classes - those least likely to sustain themselves or succeed. They blame them and make them pay for the whole rotten economic debacle the conservative elites themselves have created, a FUBAR system of KKK (kletpomaniac kamikaze kapitalism), a tyranny of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

Coda - A Personal Diatribe

If we actually had free markets, sensible competition and so-called "free enterprise", it might be a good thing. But we never really have had them. Rather, what do have is neither enterprising, nor competitive nor free.

Let's remove our rose-tinted spectacles and be honest; it's always been this way. Throughout history, including the post-enlightenment era of "democracy", the game was rigged  by our conservative masters in phoney documents "of the people" such as the US Constitution.* The only real existing competition is, and generally has been, among small businesses - and wage slaves scrambling for ever diminishing jobs and declining incomes. Globalization and the fraudulent free trade agreements have never been about breaking down borders save for the big multi-national corporations that now control the political jurisdictions worldwide. The so- called free trade agreements such as NAFTA gave them a blank cheque. Corporations can cross any border throughout the world with impunity, violate state sovereignty, hold governments to ransom and exploit both workers and the environment. It's profit before all else. Nothing else matters to the psychopathic corporate behemoths and the mafia dons who run them.  Corporations now it seems have more freedom and rights than flesh and blood human citizens who reside in the countries they exploit and plunder.

*The US Constitution guaranteed the vote only for white male landowners, but no one else. The founders were concerned with minority rights, but by this they meant the traditional entitlements of the minority of wealthy conservative power elites. The rights of Indigenous people, women, those without property, people of colour such as African Americans, were ignored in the document.

We can equally apply the term  moronocracy to the activities of the those same corporate oligarchs who direct the marionette show called politics in the West. They own and control those abovementioned "least capable" conservative politicians who are screwing the 99% in both Washington and Ottawa. Yes, you know who they are by now - the Wall Street pirates, low life financial vipers and banking mafia who, with their unmitigated greed, avarice and criminality have demolished the global economy and plunged the world into depression. And the situation is going to get a lot worse. Don't let the Greek bailouts of the "too big to fail"* banks and wealthy investor classes or the respite in stock market volatility provide a false sense of security. The only thing that has changed for the 99% is that the conditions have become far worse.

* George Orwell would have a great time with this one: "Too big to fail" makes no more sense than "Too small to fail". Whatever happened to the business class laissez-faire dictum of "flourish or die"? But "flourish or die" is a business rule that in reality only applies to the wage earning classes. When businesses fail (if they are sufficiently large), according to their own ad hoc rules, it's the Conservative Corporate Welfare State to the rescue with a golden parachute.

Sadly these financial parasites with their hedge funds and "investments of mass destruction" (as Warren Buffet called them) are still in business pillaging what is left of public wealth, bilking the gullible and continue to be enabled by neo-conservative sociopathic lizards like Stephen Harper, our British Columbia "Liberals" (neo-cons in drag) and, I daresay, George W Bush with a human face and brain, the current corporate lap-dog US President, Barrack Obama.

You might say that only an idiotic fool would continue with such a disastrously failed socio-economic model. But it's working extremely well for the top 1% is it not? Their trickle-down economics* have only been an abysmal failure for the rest of us. You know who I mean, the plutocrats targeted by OWS, the 1% who now have more wealth in the US than the bottom 90%?  It's not going so well for the rest of the credulous masses though, many who still delude themselves and vote for bullies and crypto-fascists like Stephen Harper. Harper, like all good conservatives, doesn't give a rats ass about "the bewildered herd", the mass of working people and  has utter contempt for any semblance of democracy. But that's simply straight out of the conservative playbook since Edmund Burke. If this robotic reptilian control freak remains in power in Canada much longer we'll be clones of the United States, complete with a privatized health care system and a budget breaking military to join the US in their imperialistic ventures.

*"Trickle down" economics, commonly called Reaganomics, was aptly referred to by Robin Williams in one of his skits as "someone pissing on you". Neo-feudalism would be a more apt description. The neo-con purveyors of this insidious transfer of wealth to those already perched at the pinnacle of the economic order live by the dictum: "Privatize the profits and socialize the losses."

The system is totally dysfunctional, unworkable, undemocratic and systemically corrupt. It cannot be fixed. It's FUBAR.

Welcome to the Moronocracy!

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