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Western Hypocrisy and Historical Ignorance Regarding the War in the Ukraine

By JR, April 2022

Most of the blame for the Ukrainian war can be attributed to the duplicitous actions of NATO (USA) since the dissolution of the USSR in the early 1990s.

Given the invective, innuendo and demonization by Joe Biden, other US politicians and the compliant corporate media, including the deadly consequences, how can so many in the West support this war? The hypocrisy of the US is strikingly hypocritical with the apparent senile Biden calling Putin a Hitler style war criminal. As Noam Chomsky remarked recently, “it takes one to know one.”

Chomsky on Global Response to Biden Calling Putin a War Criminal: 'Takes One to Know One' (commondreams.org)

In the West, especially in the US, Canada and Western Europe which have been sending billions of dollars worth of weapons to the Ukrainian to kill Russians while we’ve been propagandized with a one-sided narrative by a deeply biased, cynical and feckless media into chimp-like credulity and bovine ignorance. The media in the US has devoted more time and space to the Ukraine war than “coverage of all other wars in the last 31 years,” according to Responsible Statecraft. But this is perhaps predictable; after all as since at least the Russian Revolution and the subsequent Red Scares following the two World Wars, Russians have been regarded as evil beasts, having been more recently smeared by the sham Russia Gate fiasco while the horrific Ukraine invasion and subsequent NATO (US) proxy war has provided an opportunity for nonstop demonization of anything Russian, including its great writers, musicians and other artists throughout its history. Like the countless wars tainted by deceit and lies in the West, the ordinary working class citizens have no power to stop any of these duplicitous wars but are convinced to fight and die in them while wealthy elites profit. In Vietnam, for example the Americans killed an estimated 5 million people while bombing the country, including Laos and Cambodia into the Stone Age while creating toxic waste dumps throughout all three countries.

Most people are likely unaware that it was the Russians who defeated Hitler and fascism in World War II as the war turned around following the siege of Stalingrad, one of the bloodiest battles in history, where the German Sixth Army of 600,000 finally gave up and surrendered as the Nazis began their long retreat on the Eastern Front. [1]



                                                       German Mortar Crew at Stalingrad



                                                         Red Army Marches in Victory at Stalingrad

But the Russians paid a huge price for victory as they lost an estimated 30 million people to the war. [2]

And by the way, it’s your tax money that is supporting the bloated military and the killing machines that are currently being shipped to Ukraine.


Paul Street cuts through the bullshit as well as anyone:

Reflections on Ukraine and the Broke-Brain “Left” - CounterPunch.org           


[1] A war likely forgotten by the West is the Spanish Civil War, a brutal three year struggle (1936-39) for social democracy by the new Spanish Republic against the fascist Catholic zealot Francisco Franco. Franco was supported by new military weapons and tens of thousands of Nazi and fascist troops supplied by Hitler and Mussolini who used the war as a testing ground for the upcoming Second World War. One of the scandals of the 20th Century is the abandonment of the Spanish Republic by every Western country in the world, including the US, UK and France. It’s a long disgraceful story; I have a section on the war based on my fascination with the conflict and subsequent extensive reading at www.skepticc.ca.

It’s a long disgraceful story. I have a section on my web site on the Spanish Civil War based on my fascination with the conflict and subsequent extensive reading. Search for the Spanish Civil War section at www.skepticc.ca.  A few links:








[2] The price paid for the war against fascism (which was not “won” as it never really went away and is now back with a vengeance) by Russians in 27-30 million deaths could have been worse. Both Winston Churchill and General George S Patton tried were already thinking World War III and trying to convince their countries to keep the troops in Europe and fight the real enemy, Russia. War loving Churchill, one time admirer of Hitler and Mussolini, big fan of the monarchy and British Empire combined with paranoia and hatred of communism prompted him to suggest keeping the Allied troops in Europe after the Second World War and finish off the Russians - for him, the real enemy. Moreover, he suggested that an atomic bomb should be dropped on the Kremlin. The target date for this incredible insanity was July 1, 1945, less than 2 months after the end of World War II.

In Greece, Britain put into practise a taste of what Churchill wanted to happen to the Soviet Union - by massacring communist, socialist and other anti-fascist partisans who throughout the war had fought the Nazi occupation of Greece. The ultimate objective of Churchill and his American cohorts was to annihilate the socialists, communists and trade unions and ultimately re-instate the Greek monarchy and bolster the collaborating Nazi regime in Greece. A similar strategy was employed in Italy where the Communists and other leftist movements were strong and popular with the people. This was, in one important sense, the objective of the Marshall Plan. Moreover, the British and American ruling classes were very reluctant to purge West Germany of the Nazi presence. From 1949 to 1973, 90 of the 170 leading judges and lawyers in the West German Justice Ministry were former members of the Nazi Party. There was also the recruitment of former Gestapo members to work for the newly formed CIA. Fascism has never been a problem for the Western elite if it serves their capitalist interests.

For the ugly truth on Churchill follow this link:


The pompous ass war loving General George S Patton was prominent among those in the United States who in 1945 also wanted to continue the war in Europe – against the Red Army that was instrumental in defeating the Nazis on the Eastern Front that ultimately at Stalingrad turned the fortunes of the Second World War to the Allies. Patton proposed reinstating divisions of the Nazi military to “lead them against the Reds”. Not unlike Churchill, Patton was a rabid crypto-fascist anti-communist who also said, “What in hell do we care about those goddamned Bolsheviks? We’re going to have to fight them sooner or later so why not now while our army is intact and we can kick the Red Army back to Russia? We can do it with my Germans; I hate those Red bastards.”

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