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                                                          Suppose you are God?

Suspend your intellectual faculties and imagine for a fleeting moment that you are the imaginary Christian God with all his infinite benevolence and limitless physical and cognitive powers.

(1) You have unlimited powers, you can create the world any way you want. Do you

(a) Barring early death from birth defects, genetic propensities, congenital diseases or other natural afflictions or catastrophic disasters, create human beings who must live an incredibly short life span of approximately 80 years (why not 8000?) and inhabit a body that slowly begins to break down and deteriorate after approximately 20 years until they ultimately waste away from some odious disease. Perhaps God is a turtle, since some turtles have been known to live for 250 years.

(b) Create human beings with a propensity to competition, greed, irrationality and violence who must thrive in a highly competitive natural environment of scarcity, uncertainty and contingency resulting in poverty, starvation, destruction, humiliation, injury and deaths of millions due to disease, drought, floods, hurricanes, stupidity, wars and other predatory animals.


(c) Rather than behaving like the Dead Beat Dad of the Universe, you create a stable predictable environment amenable to humans who live long healthy lives with continuous physical and intellectual vitality, who can choose the time of their death and who are are sharing, caring and compassionate.

(2) You decide that the people you have created on Earth require guidance and direction. Do you

(a) Appear before a favored individual in a vision, provide only to him special instructions and hope that he passes it on to others accurately and does not take liberties with the privileged information.


(b) Rather than behaving like the Dead Beat Dad of the Universe, you appear physically before the flock and advise them directly, thereby proving your existence beyond any reasonable doubt while at the same time ensuring that they all reliably receive the correct message.

(3) You wish to have your laws continued forever. Do you

(a) Like an irresponsible ambivalent Dead Beat Dad of the Universe, you use an earthly messenger to inform them once and disappear forever.


(b) Rather than behaving like the Dead Beat Dad of the Universe, you make regular appearances to reinforce belief, thus replacing the need for the irrationalities of blind faith.

(4) You actually care for these people you have lovingly created, so when you see things going terribly wrong, do you

(a) Like The Dead Beat Dad of the Universe, sit back as a dispassionate uncaring spectator and enjoy the chaos.


(b) Responsibly intervene frequently with some timely advice and action.

(5) You promise justice, salvation and eternal bliss in heaven in an afterlife. Your only criterion for entry into heaven is

(a) To suspend your intellectual faculties and have blind faith in the existence of A Dead Beat Dad of the Universe for which there is not a shred of evidence.


(b) Having lived an exemplary moral life.



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