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                                       Point of Inquiry Interviews

Pod casts:

The following interviews in mp3 format are sponsored by Free Inquiry Magazine. The interviewer is D. J. Grothe who does a superb job. Most of the interviews are roughly 30 minutes.

You can either double click on the link and it should start your media player or you may right click on the link and save the mp3 file to your computer by choosing "Save Target as".

Dr. Wallace Sampson: Science Meets Alternative Medicine

Christopher Hitchens: God is Not Great

Eddie Tabash: There is No God

Bill Nye (The Science Guy): Changing the World Through Science Education


About Point of Inquiry:

Point of Inquiry is the premiere pod cast of the Center for Inquiry, drawing on CFI’s relationship with the leading minds of the day including Nobel Prize-winning scientists, public intellectuals, social critics and thinkers, and renowned entertainers. Each episode combines incisive interviews, features and commentary focusing on CFI’s issues: religion, human values and the borderlands of science. Point of Inquiry explores CFI’s three research areas:
1. Pseudoscience and the paranormal (Bigfoot, UFOs, psychics, communication with the dead, cryptozoology, etc.)
2. Alternative medicine (faith healing, homeopathy, “healing touch,” the efficacy of prayer, etc.)
3. Religion and secularism (church-state separation, the effects and proper role of religion in society, the future of secularism and nonbelief, etc.)

Point of Inquiry is produced at the Center for Inquiry in Amherst, NY. CFI, a think-tank collaborating with the State University of New York on the new Science and the Public Masters Program, is devoted to promoting science, reason, and freedom of inquiry in every field of human interest. CFI also maintains additional branches in Manhattan, Tampa, Hollywood, Washington D.C., and in eleven other cities around the world.

There is an episode archive at: http://www.pointofinquiry.org/

The direct link is: http://www.pointofinquiry.org/?page_id=72"
D.J. Grothe hosts Point of Inquiry. An associate editor of Free Inquiry magazine, he has lectured widely on topics at the intersection of education, secularism and science at universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and dozens of others. Formerly a professional magician, he has special interests in the psychology of belief and processes of deception and self-deception. More information about Grothe can be found at http://www.djgrothe.com.
Thomas Donnelly produces Point of Inquiry. A 2004 graduate in media study from the State University of New York at Buffalo, he explores how the media treats topics such as religion and non-belief, science, and skepticism and the paranormal.

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