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Arch Conservative Pierre Poilievre is NOT a Friend of the Working Class

By Larry Lunch Bucket

Not unlike all sclerotic conservatives and other far right demagogues, the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, conspiracy fantasy crackpot Pierre “Pipsqueak” Poilievre is a charismatic speaker. To add to his resume is his utter contempt for working class people; he’s a union basher and like most Cons a certified mean spirited pompous ass. But so were Goebbels, Hitler and Mussolini.

With this jerk as Prime Minister Canadians will be introduced to the Mein Trumpf Resurrection of Stephen Harper shit show.


                                Pierre "Mini Me Mussolini" Poilievre

During the leadership race he was endorsed by one of our Prime Minister disasters Herr Stephen Harper which is no surprise given PP’s Catholicism, far right wing proto-fascist stances and embrace of the red neck anti-science, anti-vaccination conspiracy fantasy “Freedom” Convoy Trucker  morons.

These facts and too many other nasty character traits ought to alarm any intelligent Canadian, especially those Canucks among us who value real freedom – coupled with responsibility. After all, freedom without civility and moral accountability is vacuous.


Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre marches with James Topp, a former army reservist and key figure of the anti-vaccination for covid-19 far-right wing “Freedom” Convoy Truckers that invaded Ottawa in February 2022.

Former conservative leaders since Canada finally purged itself of a dismal dictatorial decade of control freak authoritarian pious Prime Minister Stephen “Sieg Heil” Harper in 2015, replacing him with a silver spoon Limousine Liberal Justin Trudeau, the Con leaders have been a stream of incompetent imbeciles such as Rona Ambrose (interim leader), Bible thumping Andrew Scheer, Erin “The Tool” O’Toole, Candice Bergen (Is this the real Candice Bergen? interim leader) and now the dim bulb corporatist patsy Pierre Poilievre. Like Stephen Harper, Poilievre has never had a real job in his life but smears indigenous people for their poor work ethic.


Poilievre is a pal with red neck goon and neo-fascist Jeremy Mackenzie, founder of the Diagolon terrorist movement.

Back in 2013 Warren Kinsella a writer for the Calgary Sun, referred to Poilievre as a “pipsqueak” and “one of the most despicable, loathsome politicians to ever grace the national stage. He is pestilence made flesh.”

The notion of Poilievre as a working class defender is total bullshit that should be dismissed as the latest ploy from a party desperate after three successive election losses. Certainly, there is nothing in Poilievre’s 18-year record as MP that shows working class Canadians are his priority.


               Pierre "What Me Worry" Poilievre - with apologies to Mad Magazine

Poilievre’s Conservatives called the NDP national dental plan for those without employee benefits “wasteful spending.” They’ve opposed a government Pharmaceutical Care Plan that would bring coverage to millions of uninsured Canadians. Moreover, Poilievre has consistently criticized special Covid-19 supports designed to benefit workers who could not even quality for employment insurance. What’s more, whenever Liberals introduced legislation to de-legalize a strike, Poilievre’s solidarity was with Justin Trudeau - not workers.

Conservatives have never given a damn about working people which can be traced back to Edmund Burke who referred to them as the “swinish multitude”. Poilievre isn’t the first lying bastard contemporary conservative to proclaim himself a defender of working people. In his opening days as leader, Erin “The Tool” O’Toole made the same ludicrous duplicitous claim. And so did con man Donald Trump, who made his racist misogynist appeal to the “white working class”, many of who agreed with the asshole.

Former military careerist Erin the Tool didn’t stick to the plan, however, and his campaign ultimately floundered. But yet Trump became president of the United States. Indeed, right-wing appeals to the working class, especially the Christian variety, have some prior precedent; it’s called FASCISM.

A mediocre student, Poilievere like Harper’s academic failings made key connections with the University of Calgary old boys club of silver spoon Christian evangelical neo-conservative ideologues, corporate pimps and vulture capitalists such as fundamentalist Christian Alliance Church member Herr Harper and the doltish creationist Stockwell Day.

The numbskull twit bloviating Pierre Poilievre – like Stephen Harper, another neo-fascist University of Calgary graduate with a Mickey Mouse business degree - is presenting himself as someone qualified to take over from the losers Reverend Andrew Scheer and Erin the Tool. Poilievre is a prayer pal of the BBBBB’s*  Stockwell Day and Pope Jason Kenney, two other brain dead Dark Age bible thumping theocrats who believe the universe is 6000 years old.

*Bible Banging Book Burning Bozo



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