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The Origins of Cold War 1.0, 2.0 and Ongoing Russian Hatred can be traced back to the Russian Revolution of 1917

Simply Behold the Current Toxic Effluent Radiating from our compliant war mongering politicians and the echo chamber corporate media on what has become a US Proxy War against Russia in the Ukraine.

Anything Russian has become verboten and the Western narrative for the invasion of Ukraine is void of critical content, historical context or self criticism.

Historical Context:

Interview with former CIA case officer and whistleblower Philip Agee in 1995

Part One:

Hunted by the 'Jackals' - FMR CIA Case Officer & Whistleblower, Philip Agee (1995) - Part 1 of 2 - YouTube

Part Two:

Hunted by the 'Jackals' - FMR CIA Case Officer & Whistleblower, Philip Agee (1995) - Part 2 of 2 - YouTube

If capitalists and other conservative elites have to make a choice between moderate socialism (social democracy or even the post WW II moderate capitalist welfare state liberalism) and fascism, they have chosen fascism every time. They did so in the 1930s with the cases of Germany (Hitler’s rise and ultimate absolute power) and Italy with Mussolini (Dr. Fascism and his black shirts) in the 1920s. Then there was the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) when arguably WW II could have been averted when the Western capitalist countries abandoned the emerging Spanish Republic to the Catholic military fascist dictator Francisco Franco. Without Franco’s massive military assistance from both Hitler and Mussolini, Franco’s Spanish fascists would very likely have been defeated. We all know what happened later post 1939 after the Spanish Republic’s sad defeat.








The US was the only powerful country left standing following WW II as Europe was in political and economic chaos. The US preference for fascist tyrants continued as they have intervened and manipulated multiple countries throughout the world since 1945, with orchestrated military coups, assassinations and full out wars with  Korea and Vietnam when interventions and regime changes were not possible. This was the case in, Iran, Indonesia and countless countries in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America which the US considered its playground. The list is long and bloody with a legacy of 25 million or more people dead – and that’s just since 1945. The United States invaded Mexico in the 1840s and stole the top half of the country; then during the Spanish American War when the US exploited the Spanish Empire’s decline and weakness, they massacred hundreds of thousands of natives in the Philippines. The US has been stealing other peoples land and property for centuries. The racist genocide of Indigenous people and theft of their land was just the beginning. Many books have been written on these bloody American crimes, many since 1945 which were justified by anti-communist fanaticism.

A Few Described Details from the two part Philip Agee Interviews:

The USA took over the German war against the Soviet Union a day after the one against the Nazis despite the fact that it was the Russians and the Soviet Red Army that was instrumental in defeating Hitler. The hatred of Russians has a long history which began shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, fearing that it would spread to Europe – which it had. In Germany it took some nasty work to sabotage its own Revolution in 1918-19 which ultimately led to the FUBAR world we have inherited today. Had the German Revolution been successful, our world would very likely be far different today.

After World War II with Europe in shambles and total chaos and with socialist and communist parties (who as underground partisans fought the Nazi occupations during the war) were very popular with the masses. This led to the formation of the CIA which recruited Nazis, favouring the Hitler goon squad SS and other war criminals and which was the most important factor in the stealth warfare, numerous primarily colonial civil wars post WW II and phony Cold War against the Soviet Union and its allies in Eastern Europe. The prevention of socialism in Europe and elsewhere was the primary agenda of the anti-communist Marshal Plan.

After the Bolshevik Revolution, Ukrainian and Russian exiles in Paris were trained and cultivated by Nazis. A Ukrainian army from OUN was part of the Nazi invasion of the SU in 1941. Hitler's Chief of Intelligence for the Eastern Front, war criminal Reinhard Gehlen surrendered to US forces and was quickly picked up as an important player in the many American spy agencies that emerged.

Gehlen, a psychopathic killer wanted by the SU, was flown to the US, bypassing the Nuremburg Tribunals. Many other Nazi war criminals escaped prosecution by escaping to South America and elsewhere, thanks to help from the Vatican closet fascists. Gehlen recruited and trained eastern Europeans as saboteurs to foment rebellions in their home countries to retard economic recovery after the war so that there could be a huge contrast between the economies of Western v Eastern Europe. One of the big operations in the late 1940s, early 50s was to overthrow the government of Albania but it was unsuccessful. Operation WIN in Poland was another similar operation that failed after it had been exposed.

These paramilitary operations were responsible for fomenting uprisings in East Germany in the early 1950s, Poznań riots in Poland and the Hungarian uprising in 1956. CIA-funded radio stations Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe were home to many fascist war criminals and Nazi collaborators.

Fascist or fascist-style governments were installed in many third world countries, starting with the Philippines then Vietnam and throughout Latin America in Africa, and also in Korea with the totally unnecessary and arbitrary US partition of Korea in 1945.

In Greece, the Nazis formed security battalions to eliminate the huge resistance to the Nazi occupation. The main resistance forces were the communists. When the resistance took over the whole country, Britain with Churchill’s rabid anti-communist, invaded to put them down, just as France had done in Vietnam.

After the Greek civil war in 1947-49 the CIA established a National Greek Intelligence Service, KYP, made up of fascist officers from the old security battalions who in 1967, overthrew the democratic government and established a seven year military dictatorship.

The overthrow of the elected Bulgarian government in 1990 was carried out on behalf of the Weyrich organization and led by Laszlo Pasztor, a Hungarian convicted war criminal who was a youth leader in the most fanatical of the Hungarian Nazi organisations called the Arrow Cross. These are just a few of the interventions, coups and civil wars incited by the United States of Amerikkka.

Operation Paperclip

The people who ran the US rocket program from 1945 were Nazi war criminals like Wernher von Braun who had run the factory for V2 rockets alongside work camp Mittelbau-Dora, a concentration camp where in a two year period, 35 - 40 000 people died as slave labourers.

The CIA has had an installation inside Ukraine since 1948, with all operations directed first against the Soviet Union, and later following collapse and plunder of its public assets, against Russia, leading to the never ending anti-Russian sentiments, encroachment on its borders and the current war in Ukraine.

After WWII, the Nazis were recycled and brought into the CIA. The CIA has been developing fascist assets in Ukraine for 70 years. The CIA has had a station in Ukraine since 1948 with operations, as mentioned, directed against first the Soviet Union and then Russia.

Doug Valentine and John Loftus on Nazis Hired by the US Government Space Program and the newly formed CIA in America (1982)

For starters, read the 2 books:

 Operation Paperclip

 Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America: Jacobsen, Annie: 8601417202630: Books - Amazon.ca

The Nazis Next Door

The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler's Men: Lichtblau, Eric: 9780547669199: Books - Amazon.ca


The Nazi Connection 1982 - YouTube

Cold War 1.0 (1917-91) and Cold War 2.0 (1991- )

From May 2022

Why are you fighting us, American? We are all brothers. We are all working men. You American boys are shedding your blood away up here in Russia and I ask you for what reason? My friends, and comrades, you should be back home for the war with Germany is over and you have no war with us. The co-workers of the world are uniting against capitalism: Why are you being kept here, can you answer that question? No. We don’t want to fight you. But we do want to fight the capitalists and your officers are capitalists – Bolshevik Orator near Kadish in northern Russia, January 1919 during the Russian Civil War, referred to as “The Midnight War”

The origins of the First Cold War (1917-1991) can be traced as far back to the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia’s subsequent exit from the Eastern front of World War I, the rabid anti-communism of especially the US and UK and their disgraceful intervention in the Russian Civil War (1918-21). Even Canada sent 4000 troops to Russia to reinstate the three century Tsarist tyranny, chronicled in the excellent book Victoria to Vladivostok.

Jeremy Kuzmarov and John Marciano in their revealing book The Russians are Coming: The First Cold War as Tragedy, the Second as Farce wrote:

“Peter Kropotkin, the celebrated Russian writer, told a British labor delegation that progressive elements in the “civilized nations” should “bring an end to support given to the adversaries of the revolution” and refuse to continue playing the “shameful role to which England, Prussia, Austria and Russia sank during the Russian Revolution.” Kropotkin was an anarchist opposed to the Soviet undermining of the worker and peasant councils that initially supported the revolution, but noted that “all armed intervention by a foreign power necessarily results in an increase in the dictatorial tendencies of the rulers.… The natural evils of state communism have been multiplied tenfold under the pretext that the distress of our existence is due to the intervention of foreigners.”

In the United States, critics of the intervention were prosecuted under the Alien and Sedition Acts passed under the Wilson administration that made it a crime to “willfully utter, print, write or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous or abusive language about the U.S. form of government, constitution, military or naval force or flag.” Radical journalist John Reed and New York State Assemblyman Abraham Shiplacoff (the “Jewish Eugene V. Debs”), who said American troops were perceived by Russians as “hired murderers and Hessians,” were among those jailed. Also imprisoned were six Socialist-anarchist activists—Jacob Abrams, Jacob Schwartz, Hyman Rosansky, Samuel Lipman, Mollie Steimer, and Hyman Lachowsky—who were beaten, given long sentences, and deported for distributing antiwar leaflets condemning Wilson’s hypocrisy and urging strikes in munitions plants. The incarcerations and deportations were upheld in a Supreme Court ruling. This case shows how intervention in Soviet Russia not only helped sow conflict abroad, but also resulted in the suppression of domestic civil liberties in a pattern that would extend through the Cold War.

It is ironic that we in the United States have always been led to fear a Russian invasion when Americans were in fact the original invaders. In May 1972 on a visit to the Soviet Union promoting détente, President Richard Nixon boasted to his hosts about having never fought one another in a war, a line repeated by Ronald Reagan in his 1984 State of the Union address. A New York Times poll the next year found that only 14 percent of Americans said they were aware that in 1918 the United States had landed troops in northern and eastern Soviet Russia, a percentage probably even lower today.

James Loewen in Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong found that none of twelve high school history textbooks he surveyed mentioned the “Midnight War.” In two cases, the U.S. troop presence in Russia was mentioned but only as part of U.S. war strategy and not as an effort to roll back the Russian Revolution. The National World War I Museum in Kansas City meanwhile has only a tiny backroom display, which claims that U.S. soldiers in Archangel “found themselves fighting the Bolshevik Red Guards as well as the anti-Bolshevists,” which is inaccurate. A separate discussion of Siberia claims that U.S. soldiers performed guard duty and protected the railways from Bolshevik forces and that they “followed Wilson’s policy of non-aggression closely, only fighting when provoked small-scale but fierce actions resulting in 170 American dead.” These comments do not properly capture the nature of the war, with no mention at all of atrocities, the soldiers’ poems, mutiny, nor General Graves’s dissent.

Deeper public awareness of history in the United States might force us to rethink the direction of our policies and the current slide toward renewed confrontation with Russia, and could enable us to see the world from Russia’s perspective, potentially opening possibilities for engagement. During the Second World War conferences, Stalin is said to have referred to the Wilson administration’s intervention. His policies were not consequently based on paranoia, but a real security threat. George F. Kennan, the Father of the Containment Doctrine, was one of the few policymakers to acknowledge the importance of the “Midnight War,” though it was after he had been removed from any position of power. In 1960, Kennan wrote:

Until I read the accounts of what transpired during these episodes, I never fully realized the reasons for the contempt and resentment borne by the early Bolsheviks towards the Western powers. Never surely have countries contrived to show themselves so much at their worst as did the allies in Russia from 1917–1920. Among other things, their efforts served everywhere to compromise the enemies of the Bolsheviks and to strengthen the communists themselves [thus] aiding the Bolshevik’s progress to power. Wilson said, “I cannot but feel that Bolshevism would have burned out long ago if let alone.”

These latter comments remain dubious. However, it is clear that after sending troops to quell the revolution, the Soviets would never again trust the United States, predominantly for good reasons, as later history would prove.


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