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June 2020 Remarks on Systemic Injustice

War in our Phony Capitalist “Democracy”

Today a friend emailed the graphic provided below.

It describes merely one of countless examples of the sort of “justice” that prevails in our so-called “democracies”.

Sadly, it is no aberration but rather the norm in our depraved corrupt corporate capitalist societies with unparalleled historical economic inequalities.

Currently three billionaires have more wealth than half the US population. Jeff Bezos, one of the three plutocrats has a net worth of about $150 billion, and rising rapidly during the corona virus plague.  


His mega company Amazon pays minimum slave wages to its workers and it paid NO taxes on its obscene profits last year.


 The graphic above is a stark example among many of what has been the norm throughout history.

Some privileged people are above the rule of law that ordinary mortals such as you and I must adhere to. Those with wealth and power do as they wish and the rest suffer, mostly in silent docility and ignorance.

The global corporate financial mafia who are now being bailed out once again with trillions of taxpayer dollars is just another of many shocking examples of the criminality and greed of our corporate masters and their useful idiots in government.

But this state of affairs is the norm within all authoritarian tyrannies that have typically existed throughout history, including the current global capitalist nightmare – and many uncaring unthinking people don’t seem to be at all bothered by it. Like the Mad Magazine character Alfred E. Newman, “What, me worry?”

It’s the same with countless other injustices today and in the past such as those working class folks who fight, die and are maimed both physically and psychologically in all the wars initiated by rich bastards who profit from them. This is true of my own family, including my father and his only older brother. Most of the men return from wars damaged goods, often basket cases whereas the pampered wealthy silver spoon sons of wealth and influence (the infamous “Fortunate Sons” in the CCR song) stay home and generally profit.

The intellectually challenged know-nothing jerks such as George W Bush and Donald Trump are just two that come to mind. No Vietnam for these dim witted silver spoon assholes, just a call from their old man.

My father was a navigator on a Lancaster bombing crew in WW II (35 missions including the Winston Churchill ordered vaporization of Dresden with napalm) who returned home PTSD. My dad and every member of his crew were lifelong alcoholics. No one, least of all the government, cared about the demons they carried with them throughout their shortened lives.

My hard to live with father survived on his strong will, intelligence and hard work and the dedicated support of an equally intelligent strong willed highly principled woman – my mother - who died last summer at 94.


My dad’s only older brother was a Spitfire pilot who was killed at the Battle of El Alamein (North Africa) in 1942 and is buried near Alexandria in Egypt. My paternal grandmother never recovered from his loss.

I have relatives from the First World War whose bodies still have not been recovered.

There’s much more to say on this graphic, not the least of which “democracy” is a sham and always has been. The global capitalist world order, underpinned by a vile ideology called “neo-liberalism, in addition to being deeply immoral, is as authoritarian and oppressive as any ruling hierarchy that has previously existed throughout history. This includes feudalistic monarchies, theocracies and various forms of dictatorship. Need I mention that fascism is on the rise, not unlike the two decades between the needless slaughters of World Wars I and II. Russia, for example, lost between 25 and 30 million people in WW II, many of them civilians.



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