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                                        The Real Terrorists of History


   The Real terrorists throughout history have been without question the greedy lying Christian White Man who has terrorized and decimated millions of indigenous people around the globe for over 500 years.

   Howard Zinn in his A People's History of the United States, estimates that in the Americas alone approximately 50 million indigenous peoples were the victim of  systematic genocide from the time of Columbus. When First Nations peoples first stated that "white man speak with forked tongue" which roughly translates to "the white man is a lying sack of shit", they were uttering what has now become a truism. Of approximately 400 treaties that the Americans signed with First Nations Peoples, not a single one was honored. By the onset of the twentieth century, when because of moral outrage, they could not continue the genocide, they began a process of indoctrination into Christianity and removal of native language, religion and culture. Children were removed from their native families and placed into Christian Schools of indoctrination and punishment which were no better than the death camps of Auschwitz.


        Check out my paper "Was Columbus a Christian Terrorist?" at: http://www.skeptic.ca/Columbus.htm


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